Republicans Want More Funding for Woke and Broke Military

The GOP wants to throw more money at the “woke and broke” military. After ignoring the cultural dynamics and shifts in the US military for years, the GOP is left with need for new funding for our ruptured military so they can further promote race theories, clean energy, vaccination mandates and pointless operations that actually deplete our resources and exhaust our troops.

Many motivated Americans have been rejected entry or were asked to leave the military as they did not get a shot when even military doctors agreed that it did not come without risks. However, despite having leverage on the omnibus bill, the GOP did nothing to repeal the requirements.

Around 40 GOP representatives from the House and Senate Armed Services committees dispatched a letter to President Joe Biden, asking the president for a 5% rise in the inflation-adjusted military budget for the fiscal year 2022. The GOP have always focused on defense spending without any strategic plan, which is why the left prefers funding on non-defense matters.

The left is familiar with the fact that conservatives will never kill the hostages, which is why they spend money on the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the US Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Health and Human Services.

Despite the increased military funding, the result includes lack of policy reforms and more wokeness in the military. The GOP even demanded more funding than Biden had requested for Ukraine’s military in the last budget. However, the real question is that with all the funding, why isn’t the military becoming great again?

Rather than focusing on winning wars, the woke military of today is more concerned with putting more women in combat action and fighting toxic masculinity. Today’s military discourages carrying a firearm on the base, but it emphasizes carrying a vaccine passport and a face mask.

The morale is low in the military, with a tragic rise in suicide rates plaguing its ranks. Moreover, some of the highly-skilled soldiers are facing dishonorable discharge by the senior officials, for not getting a shot that has been shown to have issues worth considering.

According to a report by The Blaze, a veteran military doctor was asked to leave for not encouraging the use of vaccines, and his position was handed over to someone “woke” who wanted to push the idea of a diverse and vaccinated military. Is this what we want our military to be? It’s a much more dangerous situation than it seems to be at first glance.