RFK Jr. Tells Hannity He Will End Weaponization Of Government

On Tuesday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that should he win the presidency, he intends to sign an executive order aimed at preventing government agencies from being “weaponized” against political opponents.

During an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, RFK Jr. pledged to sign an executive order immediately after assuming office. He concurred with Hannity, highlighting that the weaponization of political agencies could potentially target both parties, emphasizing the importance of eradicating this practice entirely.

Hannity criticized the FBI for what he perceived as inconsistency in handling investigations or recommending prosecutions of presidents and presidential candidates involved in alleged mishandling of classified information.

Hannity highlighted that President Joe Biden, much like former President Donald Trump, had access to classified documents. Nonetheless, Hannity asserted that Biden received markedly different treatment compared to Trump.

Hannity pointed out the contrast again, stating, “You got four locations Joe Biden has top-secret classified information – they didn’t raid his home. Donald Trump, they raid Mar-a-Lago.”

Despite Attorney General Merrick Garland appointing former Baltimore federal prosecutor Rob Hur to investigate Biden’s case, there has been minimal progress, and no comparable raids have taken place at the president’s Greenville, Del. estate or his University of Pennsylvania-linked “center” in Washington.

During the discussion, Hannity inquired about Kennedy’s thoughts on this inconsistency and also brought up the testimony from former Twitter executive Yoel Roth. Roth revealed that the federal authorities had hinted at the possibility of a story emerging concerning Hunter Biden, which eventually materialized as the New York Post’s laptop bombshell.

Hannity questioned why the FBI informed big tech companies that Hunter Biden’s laptop was considered “misinformation” despite supposedly having already verified its authenticity.

Hannity said, “Now, to me, that is our government, in this case through the FBI, putting cinder blocks on the scale of an election.”

RFK replied, “I would stop that. In fact, I’m going to issue an executive order the moment I get into the White House, the first day, forbidding that, ending the weaponization of our agencies for political purposes.”

According to RFK Jr., he was the “first person censored by the Biden White House.” He asserts that the Biden administration requested Twitter to censor him.