Rishi Sunak British Prime Minister After Rivals Bow Out

Liz Truss resigned after just 45 days as the British Prime Minister making way for Former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak to take her place Monday after becoming the sole candidate in the race for leadership of the Conservative Party.

Challengers such as former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, House of Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt, and Treasury chief Nadhim Zahawi, among others, bowed out of the race leaving Sunak to become Prime Minister unopposed.

Sunak, at the age of 42, is the country’s youngest prime minister since 1810 and will also be the third prime minister in just two months.

In the summer, Sunak ran against Truss to become Prime Minister then. According to the Washington Examiner, “Sunak called Truss’s economic agenda and proposals a “fairy tale” and claimed her proposed tax cuts were not realistic. Despite Sunak’s warning, Truss kept her word and unveiled a “mini-budget” that included $50 billion in tax cuts without a proposition of how the government would pay for it.”

According to CNN, Sunak being elected prime minister is historic for other reasons as well. “Rishi Sunak is set to become the first Hindu and person of color to become UK’s prime minister. Sunak has spoken publicly about his British Indian heritage, telling the Business Standard in a 2015 interview that he ticks British Indian on the census.”

The president of the Hindu temple co-founded by Sunak’s grandparents stated, “It’s a proud moment for us, definitely. Someone who belongs to the temple taking the highest post in the country as the prime minister of the United Kingdom. It’s a Barack Obama moment for us. A South Asian, Indian, origin prime minister in the UK. Everyone here is so thrilled to hear that news.”

Sunak said in a statement, “The United Kingdom is a great country but we face a profound economic crisis. I have the track record of delivery, a clear plan to fix the biggest problems we face and I will deliver on the promise of the 2019 manifesto. There will be integrity, professionalism and accountability at every level of the government I lead and I will work day in and day out to get the job done.”

Sunak has a plan, he has had one for a long time, and he has history as the finance minister under Boris Johnson. Only time will tell, but many in the conservative party are confident that Sunak can turn the country around financially.