Rolling Stone Abandons Music To Embrace Leftist Trash

The journey from iconic music publication to tirelessly bashing former President Donald Trump and other American conservatives is complete for Rolling Stone magazine.

The monthly tabloid was once heralded for its coverage of musical artists and bands along with contemporary culture. Sure, it leaned to the left in homage to its hippie-era founding, but its focus was music.

No more. A recent post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, displayed Trump’s mugshot with a vulgar and disparaging headline. But that is par for the course for the magazine in 2023.

Rolling Stone has the dishonorable distinction of bashing both patriotic singer Oliver Anthony and anti-child trafficking blockbuster “Sound of Freedom.”

Critics took to social media to blast the political bent of the publication. One noted that “Rolling Stone was once the voice of counter-culture. Now it’s a government newsletter.”

Another asked, “What happened to music coverage? If I wanted to see political posts like this, I would just follow my creepy college professor or my angry rainbow-haired roommate on Twitter.”

Investigative reporter Heather Mullins posted that this is “the same propaganda magazine that put the Boston Marathon bomber on their cover, & called him a ‘popular and promising student.’”

It is telling to remember that perhaps the nation’s most influential independent journalist, Matt Taibbi of Twitter Files fame, began his career with Rolling Stone.

That was when the magazine embarked to be fiercely critical of Donald Trump and anyone who supported him.

Taibbi countered that narrative, instead blasting Hillary Clinton as a sellout in 2016 and arguing that the Russiagate hoax was indeed a hoax. He also had the gall to equate the “journalistic integrity” of both left- and right-wing media personalities.

This, of course, did not play well with Rolling Stone. Therefore in 2020 Taibbi began publishing his work on Substack and found a following far greater than the fossilized hippies and left-wingers still clinging to his old employer.

It took breaking away from the radical rag that served government interests to be able to reveal the truth. Sadly, Rolling Stone is a shining example of all that is wrong with modern journalism, and it’s only getting worse.