Russia Is Winning the War in Ukraine

This week on Jesse Water’s Primetime, Lt. Col. Daniel Davis claimed that there is no path to victory for Ukraine in the war.

For three months after Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, the mainstream media has been amplifying Ukraine’s successes. So much so that the number of Americans who think that President Volodymyr Zelensky is winning the war is actually growing. While it is surprising that Ukraine was not immediately defeated, military thinkers like Davis are more realistic in their assessment.

Retired United States Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor agrees with him on the weapons issue. In an interview with Swiss magazine Die Weltwoche he said that although the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System that the Biden administration is sending to Ukraine is a good system, we are only sending four launchers and it takes weeks of training to fire them. He further argued that the slow pace was due to the strategy of the Russians, more so than any tactical brilliance of the Ukrainians.

From a practical perspective, Russia is in control of Ukraine’s food supply, major infrastructure and its ability to support combat operations in any meaningful way.

Bloomberg just reported that although Putin may win in Ukraine, the battle of good versus evil has just begun. This reporting is in stark contrast to the breathless claims of Ukrainian tactical victories. Clearly, the writing is on the wall. Influencers of opinion are reframing what is happening, hoping that the world will forget the last three months of reporting.

Given the attention span of most people, they probably will.