San Francisco’s Homeless Say They Came For ‘Easy Living’

Author Michael Shellenberger recently conducted several interviews with some of the homeless residents of San Francisco’s streets to ask about their motivations for coming to the home of California liberalism.

The best-selling author of the recently released “San Francisco: Why Progressives Ruin Cities” spoke with a homeless man named James, who said that if a person is going to be homeless, it’s “pretty f*cking easy here.” James said he moved to San Francisco from Texas because he knew he would have an easier time in California. He added that “they pay you to be homeless here.”

James told Shellenberger that he is getting $820 each month in welfare payments and food stamps and knows that the city will not enforce any vagrancy or anti-camping laws against him as he enjoys the favorable California climate.

Shellenberger said that people are often surprised by the interviews he has conducted. They have seen propaganda issued by politicians and activists who are “lazy and too scared” to talk directly to street people.

James told Shellenberger that he started getting government assistance in San Francisco with a simple phone call. He said he was living on the street by choice and asked why he shouldn’t do it since it is “free money.”

The homeless man described his drug use and the presence of drugs around the city’s homeless camps. He said he had just sold fentanyl to a 15-year-old a couple of weeks before.

Shellenberger talked to another homeless man named Ben, who said he believes more than 90 percent of the people living on the street in San Francisco have come there from other places. Ben also said that the liberal narrative that most homeless people are on the street because of poverty is incorrect. He said that drug addiction is the actual primary cause of most homelessness. He said he generally supports his drug addiction by shoplifting and reselling items and other petty crimes.

California’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom drew criticism last year for telling homeless people in other states they could come to California in search of “new beginnings.” As part of his “California Comeback Plan,” he said that people coming with no income or prospects for living off of the streets are “part of the California dream.”

As long as Democrats remain in control of California’s state and local governments, it, unfortunately, seems that more working people will choose to move away as more homeless and drug-addicted people move in.