Saskatchewan Premier ‘Supports’ Freedom Convoy 2022 And ‘Pledges To Terminate’ COVID Passports

Scott Moe is the Premier of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. As the top elected official, he has said that he plans to terminate the province’s vaccine passport mandate. He also made a public statement of his support for the “Freedom Convoy 2022” made up of thousands of Canadian truck drivers protesting at the national capital of Ottawa.

Moe posted a statement to Twitter on Saturday that delivered a strong “Thank You” message to truck drivers who have the goods and products that keep the country operating, and said that his government stood with their demand to end the prohibition on unvaccinated drivers crossing the border into the US as part of their work.

The Freedom Convoy arrived in force in Ottawa on Saturday as thousands of drivers and supporters lined the streets near the seat of Canada’s federal government in freezing weather. As trucks lined the streets approaching the parliament, honking air horns could be heard for miles around.

The corporate media in Canada and the US have done their best to ignore the protest, including an estimated 50,000 trucks, RVs, and other vehicles.

Tamara Lich is the primary organizer of the protest and says that as a peaceful movement, it has worked with law enforcement to make sure everything involved in the event was done according to law.

Moe said he is vaccinated, boosted, and fully supports the vaccines. He said that even though the shots do not prevent someone from contracting COVID, they help minimize sickness. He said that the Canadian border policy for truck drivers “makes no sense,” adding that unvaccinated truckers do not present any higher transmission risk than those who are vaccinated.

He went on to hammer the ban imposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on January 15 that impacts the ability of unvaccinated truckers to travel across the US border while working. He said the policy directly threatens the Canadian economy and supply chain.

Popular protests like the Freedom Convoy may have more significant impacts despite media blackouts as it becomes more apparent that many government mandates and restrictions are ineffective in promoting public health. As more residents experience the actual economic and daily consequences of draconian rules, the general refusal to comply quietly will give more people the courage and determination to fight for their rights.