Sen. Cornyn Dismissed the NRA’s Opposition to Senate Gun Control Bill

In the Senate, a gun control bill backed by Republicans and Democrats alike has been put forward. This legislation paves the way for new red flag laws, cracks down on straw purchases, and involves broader background checks for gun purchasers between the ages of 18 and 21.

The push for more gun control has been widely slammed by conservatives and supporters of the Second Amendment. The National Rifle Association (NRA), for example, opposed the bill, due to its failure to stop criminals, along with the punitive measures it imposes upon law-abiding Americans.

However, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) has a different view on the legislation that he’s backing. Recently, the Texas Republican also brushed aside the NRA’s condemnation of this latest push for gun control.

Cornyn on the NRA’s Pushback Against More Gun Control
Earlier this week, Cornyn spoke to MSNBC about some of the tensions surrounding this latest gun control bill in the Senate.

He specifically mentioned that lawmakers put their heads together with the NRA in order to hear out the views of the gun rights organization.

Nevertheless, Cornyn went on to tell MSNBC that the NRA’s opposition is rooted in its “business model,” rather than in true principle.

After referring to this latest gun control bill as “good policy,” the Texas Republican also said “most people” won’t stand for outside organizations impeding what lawmakers put together in this case.

The idea that the Senate gun control bill is “good policy” is not shared by most Republicans or by most American citizens who vote for Republicans. Cornyn, since getting on board with gun control, has taken heated and heavy backlash from conservatives and his own constituents in Texas.

Recently, when Cornyn attended the Texas Republican Party’s state convention, he was booed on stage. Attendees made very clear their views that gun control isn’t what the GOP base wants.

Massive Blowback Against Gun Control Republicans
The gun control movement is being driven by people who also want to defund the police, let crime run amuck in communities, and ultimately confiscate guns.

To this day, gun control supporters have not expressly drawn a line as to when they think restrictions on firearms go too far.

In light of this, Cornyn and other Republicans like him who backed gun control are continuing to be called out by conservatives. When the Texas senator’s reelection time comes, he may regret flippantly dismissing the NRA’s concerns about this gun control package.