Sen. Manchin’s Opposition Likely to Block Biden’s Federal Reserve Nominee

West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin has been standing up against Biden for quite some time now.

The senator earned Biden’s outrage back in December when he stated he wouldn’t be supporting the Build Back Better agenda. Manchin explained the bill was too expensive to pass at a time when America is facing record inflation.

Likewise, Manchin was against the president’s support for ending the Senate filibuster. The West Virginia lawmaker, much to the annoyance of Biden, views the filibuster as an important framework needed to keep Congress functional.

Another area of disagreement between Manchin and Biden comes amid Biden’s nominee for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, Sarah Raskin, according to Newsmax. This week, Manchin came out against Raskin’s nomination, virtually guaranteeing she won’t get the required senatorial confirmation.

Poor Odds of Confirmation for Raskin

Because the Senate is split evenly between Republicans and those voting with the Democrats, in order for Democrats to pass things on party lines, they cannot miss a single vote.

Therefore, Manchin’s opposition now puts Biden’s nominee in need of support from a Republican. This, too, appears unlikely to happen. Senate Republicans have sounded the alarm over Raskin urging the Federal Reserve to take climate change into account in banking regulations.

Moreover, Senate Republicans fear that if Raskin were to be confirmed, she would work to sabotage oil and gas companies seeking bank loans. The subject of oil and gas companies in the United States has become quite contentious amid higher gas prices and the anti-energy policies of the White House.

As things currently stand, if every Republican, along with Manchin, votes against Raskin’s confirmation, she will not make it to the Federal Reserve. It’s worth noting the West Virginia Democrat has echoed similar concerns as his GOP colleagues regarding Raskin’s positions on energy policies.

The White House on Raskin’s Nomination

As Manchin joins Republicans in opposing Raskin’s confirmation to the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors, the White House has nothing but glowing things to say about her.

The Biden administration holds the view that Raskin is qualified for the post for which she’s been nominated. Likewise, White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated the administration will work to get bipartisan support for Raskin’s confirmation.

The White House’s support for Raskin comes as the administration continues to downplay the adverse impacts of Biden’s policies that have stalled oil drilling, US pipelines and fracking. Meanwhile, in some parts of America, gas prices are now $6 per gallon