Senator John Kerry Claims Biden’s Climate Agenda Is Undermining American Interests

Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) chastised President Joe Biden’s climate envoy, John Kerry, for opposing a measure that would ban Chinese imports generated from Uyghur forced labor. Sullivan referenced a source acquainted with the incident in the news on the Senate floor.

On Wednesday, only Senators and Sullivan voted against a proposed amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. Democrats objected to the measure because some Biden administration officials thought it would jeopardize climate talks with China.

According to the reports, Biden officials are concerned that a prohibition on solar panel imports from China will “undermine the White House’s climate policy” and “limit solar panel imports from China.” According to a news reporter, presidential climate envoy John Kerry pushes congressional members against the plan.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry said, “Something about John Kerry, constantly in the mix, hurting American interests.” This is only one example. That’s incredible. Why would he do such a thing? That someone should ask John Kerry the question. According to the reports, Secretary of State John Kerry has been pushing House Republicans against a measure prohibiting importing solar panels from China.

Furthermore, Republicans demand that John Kerry resign from the National Security Council due to allegations that he disclosed classified Israeli military intelligence to Iran. While the situation is being probed, Republicans have pushed Secretary of State Joe Biden to withdraw Kerry’s access to confidential material. The incident occurs as the Biden administration attempts to revive the nuclear deal, which Republicans have rejected.