Shaken Democratic Lawmaker Attempts To Defend Biden Family

A visibly disturbed Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY), a member of the House Oversight Committee, tried to rally behind embattled President Joe Biden and his son Hunter after shocking testimony before Congress on Monday.

Amid mountains of evidence against the Biden family that grow larger seemingly every day, Goldman called for the investigation to “end now.” He claimed that the probes are nothing more than “badgering a private citizen.”

Is he unaware of the 70+ indictments faced by former President Donald Trump?

Goldman was noticeably flustered by reporters’ questions after the committee heard former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer’s testimony. The Democrat asserted that continuing the investigation into the international bribery scandal possibly involving the president is pointless.

Amusingly, the representative declared that the American public does not care about Hunter Biden. Instead, the voters care about the cost of their groceries.

For a Democrat to admit the destruction wrought by Biden’s inflation is telling.

So, exactly what did the president and his son’s international business colleagues discuss in these conversations? According to Archer’s testimony, there were at least 20 of them.

To hear Goldman tell it, they conversed about “the weather or whatever.” Of course, they swapped temperatures in Washington, D.C., and Beijing. Whatever it was, according to the Democratic apologist, “it was never about business.”

Pulling out an unexpected strategy from the playbook, Goldman referenced the death of Joe Biden’s other son, Beau, in 2015. He claimed that the number of calls he was on involving foreign associates of Hunter’s was related to that tragedy.

Conservatives, as could be expected, reacted with shock to the excuse-making that followed Archer’s testimony.

Michael Reagan, son of 40th President Ronald Reagan, explained that “in the eight years that my father was president of the United States I never once sat in a room with business associates and called him on the phone. If I had, the Democrats would have skewered me.”

The Twitter account of House Oversight Republicans asked, “Who dials their father into 20 business phone calls?”

No serious observer bought into what Goldman was selling. It is obvious that he drew the short straw and had to defend the indefensible after Monday’s bombshell testimony. It was a difficult assignment.