Shots Fired! Hillary is Pissed! Look How She Just Attacked Sen. John Kennedy!


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Phillip Nieto from The Daily Caller reports, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went after Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy on Monday after he claimed that both Ukraine and Russia interfered in the 2016 election.
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        • It may not be ‘hate’…just different opinions! But we should all be civil to each other. Only thing I do not agree on is the democrats promoting illegal’s to just come on into America but we cannot do that or sustain that! We’d lose our culture, our heritage and illegal’s have already been involved with theft, stealing, raping, murder and they all want to live off our government and us the taxpayers!

      • JR…you’re just a little mind among a sea of little mimded liberals. Each of you uneducated and incapable. Believers of false narratives andneasily lednto believe you have some semblance of credibility. You don’t. You’re a liberal. A malfunction in the world. Shut up. The will be better for it.

  1. ” ya know ” i just can’t wait till she is properly charged with all the violations of law she has committed ! and hopefully if she is convicted , she will go to prison , and we won’t have to listening to her lying crap any longer !! ( I hope )

    • Dennis. Every American Patriot knows the Hillery will never be charged with anything. Just look at the many people that have gone against the Clintons only to be made DEAD with a new word that I call, Clintoncide. She nor any of the rest of the criminal Democrats will ever face justice. This is the country that we now live in. This is no longer the country that I swore an oath to defend and protect those many years ago. I sincerely fear, and I do so hope that I’m wrong the United States of America will be gone in 20 years and our children will be forced to live in another Sh*thole country like so many others across the globe. The Rooster Has Crowed!!!

      • Well, part of what you said is true, but in case you don’t know and understand what has been fore told about what is about to take place soon, you better study the Bible, everything that is says that would happen is happening, has happened and will be finished soon when the Christian people that know in their heart who is coming, will no longer be on this earth. Until people understand this, there will be no relief on this planet, and the ones left behind will suffer 1000% more than already has taken place. We are soon going to see all of this, it is coming faster than you might think. That is my statement and I pray God forgives you idiots or you are doomed with no way out, it will be too late for you.

        • What happen to “Pray for your enemies”. Name calling is only for the Demo Party. Come on and get with the double standards.

    • Does anyone really think that Hillary or any of the other democrat criminals such as Comey, Rosenstein, Biden, etc. etc. etc. will ever be charged in a court of law with the numerous felonies they have committed? I was concerned in the early stages of their criminal conduct revelations that the republicans were lazy and stupid for not prosecuting these obvious crimes. Now I fear that the Republicans are afraid of something. They seem to fear getting crossways with the fake news. Perhaps Obama used the FBI or other spy agencies to get the goods on the poor saps much the way prior democrat presidents used Hoover to get the goods on their enemies. Acknowledge reality folks. The republicans do not rule even where they are in the majority. They are governed by the so called deep state and even the democrats are able to tell them what to do and dictate the rules and conduct of any proceedings. I have stopped listening to the whining and complaining on various conservative talk shows by Republicans and conservatives about the crimes of the democrats. It only confirms how helpless and ineffectual they are.

      • Well, “fygmo”, I think the Republicans never did anything even when they had majorities is because THEY are just as complicit as the Democrats. I am very sad to say it, but, I think it’s true. Why else would the GOP back stab and sideline the Tea Party candidates we elected and sent to DC? Why else could the minority democrats STOP them from doing ANYTHING that would benefit the country? WHY ELSE would they stand united with the DEMOCRATS AGAINST A DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT? That’s why I stopped being a Reagan Republican, and am now a Reagan Conservative…

    • Totally Agree. I am so sick and tired of these democrats and their constant lies just because their “Chosen One” LOST BIG TIME! HILLARY JUST SHUT UP!

    • Clinton was exonerated by Trump’s State Department. After over six years, costing the tax payer well over $50 million, the Republicans and Trump have failed to substantiate Putin’s attacks based on his obscene hatred of Clinton.. Get over it.

  2. Why talk to cnn or mscn they are the problem for the president everything for dirty democrats like are the devil anti Christ so u guys get a real job and preach what u were taught on people’s right not one sided because u don’t like ur country and u don’t like line President so my suggestion is to go live in another country don’t hold ur breath so ease off on or president me Trump

    • Nah, she only exposed Kennedy has swallowed Putin’s Ukraine conspiracy theory, Vlad has worked many years to get off from being accused of attacking our election. Stop carrying Putin’s water, Trumpcake, you are giving comfort and support to our Russian enemies just like Kennedy.

  3. Hillary is the Wicked witch of the East and Pelosi is the Wicked witch of the West and both should get on their brooms and go back to the pair’s they were hatched!

    • Poor analogy. The wicked witch of the west had one eye, not Pelosi. Hillary was born in Chicago and there was no wicked witch of the midwest. The better analogy for Trump is Rumplethinskin. Trump appeared to a desperate Republican base, promising the “straw” he had to offer was really gold. In return, they had to promise to sacrifice the future generations of America in order to get what they wanted right now (tax breaks, environmental laws removed, increasing the deficit, etc.). The Republicans got great wealth, success, and ‘marriage into royalty’ (i.e. the Presidency and both houses).

      Years go by. When the actual fruits of Trump’s presidency become clear, all the Republicans have to do is call him by his true name, and they could get themselves out of this unprecedented mess.

      Here’s where the Rumpelstiltskin story differs: Republicans refuse to call Trump by his true name, and therefore the future generations of Americans will have to pay for the choices made by this generation.

      • She is responsible for the deaths of four men at Benghazi, she is responsible for bringing SHAME on American Politics, She, along with the BIG Zero helped with, and had to sign off for the sale to go thru, She is responsible for the terrible shape of the USA, due to her open server to the world. Now we face further exposure by the Dumbocraps for their continued ignorance with the illegality of the Impeachment attempt. Actually, we should not say too much about it,,,they have sealed the election for President Trump thru their STUPIDITY!!!

      • What alterers are you living in? Clinton could not accept or deny the deal. She was among 8 other agents to determine if the deal negatively affected American stock holders. The donation was made by the former Canadian CEO wo retired years before the deal and 18 months before Clinton became Secretary of State. According the International requirements of the deal, no uranium was allowed to lever North America….

    • Eclipsed by Trump’s 9 Russian deaths, six Christian children in Trump’s concentration camps plus 27 innocent adults, Ukrainians dying on the battle field because Triumphed back funding, countless innocent civilians from Trump droning (more in his first years than Obama did in 8 and Trump hides the count), and of course the deaths of refugees and Epstein.

    • BLUE: I’ve been keeping track and I get it to over 380. How many people do you know in your lifetime who have died prematurely (not including terminal illnesses). I have known only four and I am up there in age.

  4. Chuck Todd thinks he’s the ultimate broadcaster , I got news for you Chuckie you don’t know crap, I hope you got enough intelligence to wipe your butt !
    Hillary is a known HAG!

  5. Love Senator Kennedy and his way of getting to the heart of the matter. He doesn’t mince his words. Louisiana for Trump/Pence 2020!

  6. The Only two Options open are America will ether stand with JESUS CHRIST or fall with the Secular Satanic world system.

  7. We all know what a nasty criminal Hillary is but going after Senator Kennedy is crossing the line. How dare her criticize that sweet, honest and most entertaining man. Love hearing from him every time he is on.

  8. A change of subject…..
    Here is God’s time frame for world peace: (1) Acts 2:1 (Approx. 33 AD). The birth day of the Church: (not a denomination) is every individual that believes that Jesus Christ was God in human flesh and that His death and resurrection was and is sufficient to forgive their sin.

    (2) Rev. 4:1 is the removal of His Church (Not a denomination). His return is yet in the future but as He ascended into Heaven He said “I will come again and receive you unto Myself that where I am there you shall be also.

    (3) “Rev. 5:1 to Rev. 17:14 is the rise of the anti-christ. This will be a worldwide ruler of hideous proportions. This is a 7 year time frame. In the middle of this 7 year period the anti-christ will physically reign over the world. There has never been nor will there ever be a time that is as horrible as in Rev. 17-19.

    (4) Rev. 18:1 to Rev. 22:22 is the return of Christ WITH His Church. He will rule with a perfect rule and it will finally be a true world peace. I am 85 years old and I asked Him to forgive my sin and be my personal Savior when I was 8 years old. He said, “And I give unto you eternal life and you shall never perish. Praise Him!

  9. Chuck Todd, you’re an ignorant azzhole….and You even know it. You won’t look at the facts as you’re a biased, dumb Democrat ADVOCATE!


    • And Trump handed them over to Erdogan genocide of the Kurds Trump stabbed in the back and to fascist dictator Putin now in possession and control of our bases in Syria.

    Oh didums was it too long for your to handle?…All accomplished whilst being attacked by the likes of JR who is most
    likely an employee posting to keep this site running.

  11. Skyking, this note is your next piece of information. Please contact the agency at your earliest convenience. No further information until next transmission. This is broadcast #6777. Do not delete.


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