Smiley Seeks Major Upset In Deep Blue Washington State

The Republican red wave of 2022 is reaching epic proportions as senatorial candidate Tiffany Smiley (R-WA) has emerged as a serious threat to the reelection of incumbent Sen Patty Murray (D-WA).

Defeating Murray would be a monumental victory for Republicans of The Evergreen State, who haven’t sent a senator to D.C. since the Reagan administration. Sen. Slade Gordon (R-WA) was elected in 1988 and left office in 2001.

Politico recently delved into Tiffany Smiley and her campaign that has Washington state GOP supporters believing this could be their year.

“Tiffany Smiley is running an incredible campaign, and she’s got 30-year incumbent Patty Murray and national Democrats running scared,” said Chris Hartline, spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Although the senatorial hopeful isn’t leading in the polls, she’s been gaining ground as of late.

Depending on the poll, Murray had a lead between 18 and 20 points in July. According to Real Clear Politics, that number has dwindled down 8.5 points based on the average of several polls.

Adding to Democrats’ worries is the fact that Smiley is now polling at 41% support, compared to a mere 33% in July. Meanwhile Sen. Murray’s support numbers have dropped to around 50%.

Citizens United released a new poll of 500 likely voters that projected an even tighter race with Murray clinging to a six point lead advantage over her challenger.

That same poll yielded another interesting data point, which is that 45% of independent voters backed Smiley, compared to 38% for Murray.

David Bossie, leader of Citizens United, said Republicans have no business making this race as close as they have in the overwhelmingly Democrat-run state.

“Washington state is not a purple state. It is not a marginal state. It is a deep-blue state. To be having this conversation is a bad omen for Democrats,” he told Politico.

Democrats have opened the war chest for this heated battle, and according to the Seattle Times, spent over $17 million on Murray’s campaign.

The fact that Republicans have spent less than $12 million statewide on the midterms makes Tiffany Smiley’s campaign, win or lose, that much more impressive.