Soldiers Punished By Army For Seeking Religious Exemption To COVID Vaccine Mandate

The U.S. Army is reportedly coming down hard on soldiers who refuse its mandate to be vaccinated on religious grounds with several measures to punish those who will not march in step.

According to reports, the military branch is halting promotions, banning travel off-base, and even carrying out involuntary terminations.

Personnel claim they are tactics to coerce them to drop deeply held religious convictions. The Army, far from avoiding responsibility, confirms the retributions for unvaccinated soldiers.

A spokesperson admitted that those who refuse the vaccine mandate without exemption requests that are approved or pending receive “adverse” actions. These include “flags, bars to continued service, and official reprimands.”

According to a Fox News report, out of 4,664 religious exemption requests by active-duty soldiers, only 44 have been granted. The Army reportedly had carried out 1,722 separations with unvaccinated personnel.

It is unclear how many were due to the lack of a religious exemption.

One Special Operations major referred to the Army’s actions as a “technique of coercion.”

The officer in question is a nearly 11-year veteran and served in Afghanistan as recently as last year. He said the military branch is engaged in forcing “voluntary retirements, voluntary exits.”

His refusal to submit to the jab means he could find himself significantly behind his peers in service, which negatively affects future promotions.

Other soldiers described the exemption process as “frustrating,” They talked about the warning soldiers received about even filing for the religious exemption in the first place.

If their religious beliefs were deemed “insincere,” they could face retribution under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. But the Pentagon itself is under scrutiny for possibly not following through with federal law to individually and thoroughly review every religious exemption request.

At a time when even President Joe Biden has declared the pandemic to be over, it is ludicrous to have those protecting our nation facing involuntary expulsion over refusing to get the COVID vaccine. And punishments just for seeking religious exemptions are beyond the pale.