Soros-Backed Virginia Prosecutor Facing Criticism And Recall Effort

George Soros has sparked controversy over his involvement in local elections in key U.S. states. The globalist billionaire has focused heavily on supporting district attorneys who hold virtually unchecked power over what cases they choose to prosecute.

A Soros-backed prosecutor faces pointed questions and a possible recall case about Virginia’s domestic violence matter. The case involves a man released on bond after being accused of beating his wife, only to kill his wife by allegedly attacking her with a hammer.

Peter Lollobrigido is expected to be charged with murdering Regina Redman-Lollobrigida, who died in a hospital Sunday. Her husband allegedly attacked her on September 19 after being previously arrested for domestic assault against his wife in July.

He was released on a $5,000 bond following his initial arrest. His bond was unsecured, which means he was not required to make any payment to be released. He merely had to agree to be liable for that amount if he failed to later appear or comply with conditions attached to his release.

The Lollobrigida case is cited as an example of the dangers of Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj and her friendly approach to defendants.

Biberaj is a group of progressive and leftist public prosecutors elected in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., in 2019. She was the beneficiary of an in-kind campaign donation from Soror’s Justice and Public Safety PAC worth $659,000. Other Northern Virginia prosecutors elected in 2019 with hefty Soros donations include Steve Descano of Fairfax County and Parisa Dehghani-Tafti in Arlington County.

Biberaj has publicly described domestic violence as a public health problem requiring a social care response rather than criminal prosecution. Virginians for Safe Communities is an advocacy group leading a local campaign to remove Biberaj from office.

The group’s president, Sean Kennedy, said recently that the Lollobrigida case and many like it are “stark reminders” of how dangerous Buta Biberaj and other “rogue prosecutors” like her are to victims and ordinary citizens. Kennedy added that the targeted prosecutors are “radical activists” who betray their oath to enforce the law as written, putting “criminals first and victims last.”

To proceed with the recall of Biberaj, Virginians for Safe Communities must collect verifiable signatures from at least 10% of the people who cast ballots in her election. Then the group would bear the burden of proof in court to show that the prosecutor has been incompetent or has misused her office in violation of the law.