Special Operations Association Warns Of Increased Terror Threat Due To Biden’s Policies

A prominent group representing U.S. special operations forces has issued a stark warning about an elevated risk of a significant Islamic terrorist attack on American soil. The Special Operations Association of America (SOAA), led by Chairman Christopher Miller, attributes this heightened danger to President Joe Biden’s foreign policy decisions and lax border security.

In a recent letter, Miller, who served as Acting Secretary of Defense under President Donald Trump, expressed the organization’s alarm over the increased threat levels. He specifically pointed to the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, which has left the U.S. without a viable strategy for counterterrorism and intelligence gathering in the region.

“The U.S. has lost vital intelligence capabilities in Afghanistan, rendering federal authorities unable to detect emerging threats,” the letter read. The resurgence of terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda in the region has enabled them to strengthen their positions and execute attacks, including against targets in Iran and Russia.

Miller’s letter also highlighted concerns about the U.S. southern border, describing it as porous and unsecured. He noted multiple incidents where individuals on terrorist watchlists attempted to enter the country, emphasizing that these were only the known cases. “We are unaware of how many other terrorists might have already infiltrated the U.S.,” he added.

The SOAA represents elite military personnel such as Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders, and Air Force Commandos. Their collective voice underscores the severity of the threat posed by these policy decisions. The letter called for immediate action to restore intelligence and counterterrorism capabilities to mitigate the risk.

Echoing these concerns, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified last year about foreign terrorists exploiting the current border policies. Comparing the situation to the pre-9/11 era, Wray mentioned, “I see blinking lights everywhere I turn,” indicating numerous warning signs of potential terrorist activities.

The SOAA’s warning stresses the urgent need for a comprehensive review of current security policies to protect the nation from looming terrorist threats. As terrorist organizations gain momentum, robust measures are essential to safeguard American interests both domestically and internationally.