Stacey Abrams Maskless Photo Among Classroom Of Students ‘Forced To Wear’ Masks Leaves Principal ‘Speechless’

Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate and Democratic darling Stacey Abrams appeared recently at Glennwood Elementary School in Decatur, Georgia, and posed for a photo that has gone viral on social media. Abrams was at the school to promote her new childrens’ book during Black History Month.

The picture gathered notoriety because Abrams positioned herself in the center of a group of children who all were required to wear ineffective COVID-19 masks. Of course, Abrams was seen smiling broadly and maskless.

Abrams sent out the picture in a tweet that has since been deleted. Of course, internet users caught the photo, and it has been widely circulated.

Neither Glennwood School nor the City Schools of Decatur have explained why Abrams was permitted to ignore the rules for children and staff. The school and the district have enacted rules requiring masks indoors because of the pandemic. The City of Decatur government has also passed an ordinance requiring all people to wear face coverings inside businesses, stores, and non-profit establishments.

The school rules require surgical or cloth masks that cover the nose and mouth at all times.

The picture of Abrams maskless also shows staff, including School Principal Dr. Holly Brookins all wearing masks as required. The photo was also posted on Dr. Brookins’s Twitter account, although it appears she has since deactivated her account.

Abrams has been hammered for her hypocrisy by numerous Republicans and political commentators. Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pointed out how many schools and state and local governments have imposed more stringent COVID restrictions on little children than on illegal aliens freely crossing the border. He said Democrats want to create arbitrary rules to control Americans and are happy to ignore them conveniently.

The school and Principal Brookins have declined to comment. Abrams’ office gave a press statement claiming that Abrams wore a mask to the gathering and only took it off so she could be heard more clearly by students who were participating remotely. The statement also said Abrams posed without a mask for photos only because everyone around her kept their face coverings.

Abrams’ campaign staff has doubled down on her decision to go maskless, saying criticism of her behavior is “pathetic, transparent, and silly.” Naturally, she also used the opportunity to claim some racial bias since we are currently in Black History Month.