Super Progressive LA District Attorney Gascón Facing “Second Recall” Attempt

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón is facing a renewed attempt by citizens to recall him from office. The LA Registrar’s Office accepted a petition last Thursday that lets recall organizers move forward with gathering signatures to force a recall election.

With millions of dollars in campaign funding from George Soros, Gascón won office in 2020. He defeated the incumbent District Attorney Jackie Lacey, the subject of public protests by Black Lives Matter. Lacey was the first-ever black woman elected as LA County’s lead prosecutor.

The first attempt to recall Gascón was begun early in 2021, right after Gascón’s term in office began. It was immediately apparent that he intended to impose radical changes in LA criminal prosecutions, as he began by eliminating most sentencing enhancements and the death penalty.

The first recall did not get off the ground, but organizers say they have learned how to succeed this time around. The movement has an updated and improved website and receives more incredible support from elected officials. LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva backs the recall, and the Beverly Hills City Council voted unanimously to support the latest effort.

The approval last week from the Registrar’s Office cleared the way for organizers to obtain signatures on a recall petition. The petition must have signatures from at least 10 percent of the county’s registered voters, which will amount to around 560,000 people. The petition must be completed and submitted before July 6.

Recall organizers said in a statement provided last week to the Los Angeles Times that they are sick and tired of Gascón’s “pro-criminal paradise.” The statement also said that the prosecutor and his policies “destroy Los Angeles County right before our eyes” while creating ever-increasing numbers of innocent crime victims.

In 2021, murders in Los Angeles increased by 11.8 percent over 2020 and went up 53.9 percent over the last pre-pandemic year of 2019.