Swalwell Hammered For Dumb Tweet Criticizing Sen. Rand Paul After Kentucky Tornadoes

Just when it seemed that Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) could not get any dumber, he used the disastrous tornadoes that killed multiple people in Kentucky and several other states last Friday as a vehicle for a political cheap shot at Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).

Sen. Paul started taking action to help Kentuckians as daylight broke on Saturday in the wake of the devastating storm. He wrote to Joe Biden seeking expedited federal assistance for people searching for survivors and restoring electricity and essential services.

Paul spent the day working with FEMA to coordinate a targeted federal response where it was most needed and provided Kentucky residents with a list of resources immediately available to provide help.

Swalwell woke up and found the best idea to devise ways to make a feeble attempt at bashing Dr. Paul. He responded on Twitter to a message from Paul about the disaster by saying not to forget “for one second” that Paul has “voted against helping most Americans most times they’re in need.”

Swalwell’s misdirection was challenged by a user who noted that Sen. Paul has never questioned the need for governmental disaster aid but has only “opposed how we fund it.”

Paul has voted in the past consistently in opposition to traditional disaster aid based on the funding methods, not against disaster relief conceptually. He specifically pointed out that he believes domestic replacement should be funded by cutting foreign aid to governments that often hate America.

Swalwell’s weak attack probably directed Paul’s vote against new government spending to pay for federal relief after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Paul said at the time that he would have “given them $9 billion” and taken the same amount from foreign aid. He said that he felt the country needed to help the Northeast U.S. and would say, “we don’t have money for Egypt or Pakistan this year.”

He also objected to a second relief bill proclaiming to be related to damage from Hurricane Sandy. The cost of that bill shot up to $51 billion, and Paul said the double bill was larded down with pork-barrel spending.

Paul made the same argument after Hurricane Harvey in 2017 for reallocating foreign aid to Americans struck by natural disasters. He said at the time that Congress should find the money in the budget instead of continuing to recklessly “raise the limit on our credit card.”

Thousands of replies hammered Swalwell for his tone-deaf tweet. He was told that his comments were disgusting and a display of “the very worst of Congress.”