Switzerland Rejects Third Gender Option In Victory For Sanity

The Swiss government pushed back against the EU’s gender madness when it rejected the introduction of a third gender option on official records. This flies in the face of several recent moves by its neighbors to institutionalize genders far beyond the original two.

According to the Federal Council, “the binary gender model is still strongly anchored in Swiss society.” It cited a 2020 report by a national ethics commission which concluded that Swiss society did not support such a radical change.

It added that “the social preconditions for the introduction of a third gender or for a general waiver of the gender entry in the civil registry currently are not there.”

At present citizens are entered in the civil registry as “male” or “female.”

Striking a blow for sanity in a time ruled by anything but, Swiss officials declared that too many changes to the nation’s constitution would be necessary. It would also require an overhaul of laws on both the national and regional levels.

This is not the case for several of its European counterparts. Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, and Sweden now feature third-gender options on official documents. And there is growing controversy over Scotland’s new gender recognition laws.

The German government in 2018 allowed for a “third gender” for official records and approved people registering as “diverse.” The law previously let citizens leave gender blank.

The change came in response to a ruling the previous year by the nation’s highest court, which said that people have to be permitted to register as neither male or female.

An Austrian court the same year ruled that, like Germany, citizens must be allowed to register as something other than male or female. There was no legal change, however, as the nation had never seen fit to explicitly define gender as male or female.

But times have changed. What was once defined by science as merely the difference between having XY or XX chromosomes can now depend on opinion or even mood. Future generations will look back with amazement at this time of gender insanity.