Thousands Of Climate Hypocrites Jet To Scotland

The words progressive politicians and the corporate media speak about grave concern for the future of the world climate are always belied by their actions. The global junket to the UN’s climate gathering in Scotland this month is no exception.

As the Washington Post recently reported, the event will be “the largest summit ever hosted in Britain,” and organizers are working overtime to ensure they are not blamed for hosting a “super-spreader” event.

Other than the few attendees who already live on the island, the attendees will be fueling up hundreds upon hundreds of jets to travel to the conference. Each of those flights will spit out more carbon-based emissions per passenger than most Americans do in weeks. John Kerry’s private jet alone will produce as much carbon in one hour as an average American does in six weeks.

Politicians worldwide saw that ordinary people did not choose for almost two years to meet in person. Online video conferencing was deemed to be good enough for ordinary people. The elites who preach about the sanctity of the environment live by a different standard, however.

On Monday, Prince Charles opened the party by saying that time for ordinary people has “quite literally run out.” He said that climate change is “no different” than the global COVID pandemic, except that it poses an “even greater existential threat” that requires that world governments have to “put ourselves” on a “war-like footing.”

Charles said that emissions must be “cut urgently” with action to “tackle the carbon already in the atmosphere.” The prince, who holds his position of power because of his birth, said that “carbon capture solutions” are “absolutely critical.”

Meanwhile, the former leader of the U.K. Brexit party Nigel Farage hammered Joe Biden’s hypocritical position on climate change. He said it is “complete madness” to mandate expensive “green” energy domestically while outsourcing less expensive fossil fuel production to foreign powers hostile to Western democracies.