Texas Forced to Do the Job that Biden Won’t

From nearly the moment Joe Biden set foot into the Oval Office, he showed his true colors on illegal immigration.

The president rapidly got to work, ripping down the border policies that former President Trump successfully established. In removing these policies, however, Biden couldn’t even be bothered to put in effect suitable replacements.

This has since created a mess on the southern border. Border Patrol officials are overwhelmed by the documented increases of migrants coming to America for entry.

Between illegal crossings, drug trafficking, and other nefarious behaviors at the southern border, it’s all become a huge mess.

Now, as the federal government fails to get things back in line, Texas is left to clean up the mess.

The Lone Star State’s Latest Measures to Combat Illegal Immigration
As a major border state, Texas has been repeatedly feeling the impacts of the federal government’s negligence as it pertains to illegal immigration.

Some of the worst impacts the current White House has inflicted upon the southern border are gaps that easily enable illegal entry. Since the federal government won’t remedy this problem, Texas is stepping up to the plate.


On its border with Mexico, the Lone Star State has put in place over 40 miles of physical barriers, including razor wire, to fill the open gaps. The razor wire has since been deemed as the most efficient barrier to keeping out unlawful crossers.

In addition to putting these safeguards in place, Texas has also taken the liberty of sending illegal immigrants over to Washington D.C. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) warned months ago he would do this if the White House didn’t get a hold of unlawful crossings.

Gov. Abbott and other Texas officials have been working around the clock to ensure that border communities (and the state at large) aren’t completely overrun with criminals, drugs, and other serious threats.

Grounds For Biden’s Impeachment?
Rampant problems at the southern border are a national security concern.

When Biden took his oath of office, he swore to uphold America’s laws; that includes the country’s immigration laws, despite what the president may personally think about immigration.


The continuous issues at the southern border are leading to numerous calls for Biden’s impeachment. Texas is doing all it can to keep the situation from completely falling apart; however, it is not the duty of states to do the job of the federal government.

Multiple Republican lawmakers have indicated if the GOP regains the majority in Congress, an impeachment of the president may be on the table.