Texas Lt. Gov. Says Public “Needs to Know” What Happened in Uvalde

In a recent interview, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said too much of the investigation into the shooting in Uvalde is happening “behind closed doors” and that the public deserves to know more.

“There have been too many behind closed doors discussion, meetings, hearings,” Patrick said in an interview with Fox News. “The public needs to know everything.”

Both the Texas Senate and House have established special committee investigations into the massacre at Robb Elementary School that left 19 students and two teachers dead. But while at least some of the Senate committee hearings have been open to the public, the House panel’s investigation has operated completely behind closed doors.

Patrick said the secretive nature of these investigations has led in part to some of the misinformation and conflicting reports that have surfaced about the May 24 shooting.

“I wanted this evidence, instead of leaking it out — I hate these leaks,” he said. “Because one day this story’s leaked out, and the next day there’s a new story and a change, and this newspaper and that newspaper. I wanted it all out in a public hearing at one time of where we are today.”

State representatives on the House’s investigative panel have defended the transparency of their investigation, saying their findings will eventually be made public and that the truth will be revealed, one way or another.

“The purpose of this committee is to investigate this matter, to get all the facts and provide them in a way that is transparent to all of Texas and Uvalde,” said Texas Rep. Dustin Burrows (R), one of the three panel members. Burrows went on to say that while a closed-door committee wasn’t the “perfect way” to run the investigation, the committee had only the best intentions.

“It’s only to try to get to the bottom of it, so I can look you in the eye and tell you, sir, this is what I believe to be true,” he said.

Uvalde officials have echoed such comments, claiming public transparency is a priority for them.

“I’m not covering up for anybody,” Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said. “I’m not the only elected official you need to be screaming at.”