Texas Sheriff Praises 2nd Amendment After Woman Shoots Intruder

You have to love a story with a happy ending!

Officials with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office say a female homeowner defended herself by shooting an intruder after forcing his way into her Longview, Texas home. Sheriff Brandon Fletcher was quick to tell the local newspaper where he believes the credit belongs for the resident being unharmed, saying, “this entire incident is an excellent example of the importance of our 2nd Amendment.”

Fletcher’s office released a statement saying investigators determined the suspect, 30-year-old Matthew Dillon George, was shot “while committing burglary. “The homeowner verbally gave orders for George to leave, which he refused,” the statement confirms. “Fearing for her safety, the homeowner fired one shot.”

As Sheriff Fletcher noted, “it could have ended a lot worse.”

George was first taken to a local hospital in Longview and then to a Tyler hospital to treat his gunshot wound. The sheriff’s department then booked him into the Smith County Jail on a charge of burglary of a habitation with intent to commit assault.

Lacey Anderson, the homeowner who defended herself and her residence, told reporters afterward that George is well known in the area and had several criminal trespass warnings against him by her neighbors. Anderson said she armed herself with a .22 rifle when he refused her direct order to leave her porch.

Instead, he forced his way into her home. Anderson says she pulled the trigger but had to get the safety off before firing a shot. The bullet went through his arm and lodged in his hip. No charges are being filed against Anderson, who may be fortunate the incident happened in Texas.

According to the Heritage Foundation, virtually every major study shows Americans defend themselves with firearms between 500,000 and 3 million times a year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released an Institute of Medicine and National Research Council study showing that “defensive gun uses by victims” are comparable in number to “offensive uses by criminals.”

Researchers also concluded that there is no evidence that “right-to-carry laws decrease or increase violent crime.”

So, while the Biden administration likes to talk about “gun violence,” it’s essential to recognize what they are describing is criminal violence. Do they believe unconstitutional gun control measures will persuade violent offenders to give up their weapons?

Lacey Anderson of Longview, Texas, is just the latest example of the danger taking guns away from law-abiding citizens will put them in.