The Attacks on Twitter Have Already Begun

The founding fathers could never have imagined what qualifies as the public square these days. With likes, upvotes, posts, and tweets taking up an ever-larger portion of our discourse, the issue has become rather complicated. Well, complicated for those who are in favor of free speech. For those forces who want control over the narrative and the ability to censor opposing voices, the plan remains the same. Isolate and intimidate.

That is what makes Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter so interesting. It has forced the censorship debate into the light. Unable to shadow ban people through compliant tech oligarchs, the tyrannical left must make moves in the open. Twitter has not even begun to change its policies and Elon Musk has not taken the helm, yet forces are being mobilized.

Media Matters, a notorious left-wing organization that routinely smears conservative voices it disagrees with, penned an open letter to Twitter’s advertisers urging them to force Musk to comply with continued censorship or pull their ad dollars. Musk is one of the few people who could not only ignore such attacks, but hit back effectively.

One of the biggest positives of Elon Musk’s purchase, regardless of whether it’s a vanity project or not, is that it forces people to take sides in public. Twitter’s user base is enormous, too large to be ignored. If the mainstream media narrative were allowed to be contradicted people might begin to think more for themselves. The left cannot let that happen so they must reveal themselves instead of working in secret in the dark. Regardless of how this fight turns out, they will not be able to hide.

It is interesting to see how the corporations will respond. It is likely they will adopt a more Michael Jordan-like approach, who once famously said “Republicans buy shoes too.” After seeing the Disney corporation lose billions of dollars in market share and its tax-free status in Florida, corporations are undoubtedly longing for the days when they only had to be concerned about making money. Rest assured, if they haven’t learned their lesson there are plenty of non-woke companies ready to take their place. Twitter will be just fine.