The Biden Administration Is Not Prepared For The Massive Influx Of Illegals

It seems like the Biden administration is completely unprepared for the incoming influx of illegal immigrants.

According to officials from the Biden administration, once Title 42 immigration policy is lifted, they are predicting around 7,000 border trespassings per day. According to some reports, the true figure will be closer to 18,000.

As per the Washington Post, President Joe Biden is not prepared for the surge of illegal immigrants.

The Biden administration will be reducing the processing time for asylum from five years to six months. Getting rid of the five-year screening procedure in favor of a six-month processing time isn’t an “improvement” at all.

This is simply a technique to open the doors and invite everyone into America. Biden will tell Americans that they will be completely protected, despite the reduction in time to make sure each migrant isn’t a violent criminal or terrorist.

The plan may not be able to control the migrant surge.

Vice President Kamala Harris has been assigned to manage the border crisis. However, not much effort has been seen from the vice president to tackle the many issues there.

Team Biden will do everything possible to conceal the upcoming border crisis. But it will become difficult to hide as up to 18,000 needy individuals begin showing up every day.