The Border Crisis Is Getting Worse

Amid historic border crossings and major problems for border states, the Biden administration is once against denying the presence of illegal immigration issues. Recently, Vice President Kamala Harris told CBS News that the southern border is “secure,” despite all evidence to the contrary.

In fact, the southern border is so open that left-wing mayors of sanctuary cities are raging against Texas for daring to transport migrants to their communities. In Washington DC, the mayor has made multiple appeals for the federal government to assist with swarms of new migrants arriving.

As the Biden administration claims there is no border crisis, this has ironically been disproven by previous comments from former President Obama.

An Explanation from Sen. Ron Johnson
While speaking with Newsmax earlier this week, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) pointed out Obama’s previous remarks on border crossings that were barely one-third of today’s border crossings.

In mid-2014, Obama stated the southern border was facing a “humanitarian crisis” when about 2,000 folks per day were coming over. Fast forward to present day and the average number of daily crossings ranges from about 6,000 to 7,000.

The current vice president conveniently made no mention of this when she claimed the border was secure. During Johnson’s time on Newsmax, however, he slammed the Biden administration for being removed from both reality and honesty.

The GOP lawmaker also claimed it’s hypocritical for Democratic mayors to ignore the issues at the southern border until migrants are dispatched to their own cities.

Chilling Words From the White House
The Biden administration’s lies about the border don’t just stop with claiming that it’s “secure.” Instead, the White House has gone as far as saying “a lot” is being done by the president to ensure border security.

If this were the case, border states wouldn’t be so overrun with migrants that buses of them have to be dispatched to sanctuary cities.

These latest comments from the vice president have raised speculations that the White House is intentionally letting illegal immigration occur. Some Americans have warned this could be politically expedient for Democrats seeking to expand their voter base.

Naturally, the White House continues to ignore states like Arizona and Texas that are calling for this administration to do its job and stop illegal immigration.