The California Governor Has to Take Responsibility for the Sacramento Shooting

For years, conservatives and Republicans have been warning about the natural dangers that come along with soft-on-crime policies.

Over the past few years, these warnings have come to life in the worst ways possible. Left-wing cities that rolled back bail, defunded the police and opened up prisons have seen significant rises in crime.

Of course, victims of crime increases tend to be law-abiding Americans who are just trying to live their lives and feed their families. One of the latest tragedies comes out of Sacramento, California where a recent shooting took place.

While Democrats are already trying to frame this as a reason to crack down on the Second Amendment, the real blame lies with Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and his soft-on-crime policies, according to The Federalist.

Understanding Newsom’s Role in the Sacramento Shooting

Unfortunately, the governor of California has repeatedly embraced policies that treat criminals with kid gloves. One example of this involves the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation cutting criminals loose to lower the number of incarcerated individuals.

Unfortunately, one of the inmates who was cut loose was 27-year-old Smiley Martin.

Martin reportedly took part in the latest Sacramento shooting that claimed six different lives. It goes without saying that had Martin been kept behind bars, six people would probably still be alive today.

There are countless other examples of dangerous individuals being released from jail, only to commit violent crimes against others shortly afterward.

Newsom has spoken a lot about gun violence and his views that more gun control is necessary. Yet, California has some of the tightest gun control measures on the books. None of these laws stopped the shooting in Sacramento; so clearly, guns themselves are not the issue.

Why Newsom is Unlikely to Make Changes

Unfortunately, people who are waiting for the California governor to get tough on crime shouldn’t hold their breath.

Newsom has previously claimed that he’s not supportive of defunding the police or letting criminals run wild; yet, his policies tell a very different story.

On top of this, the California governor is taking in a lot of money from left-wing special interest groups that like the state’s current policies. Due to this reality, it’s very unlikely that Newsom will make changes that go against the interest of his biggest donors.

Sadly, as the governor of California puts politics above commonsense public safety measures, everyday folks will be the ones who pay the price.