The CDC Just Lost Any Credibility It Had Left

Earlier this week, a federal judge shut down the mask mandate that was put in place for travel and public transportation. The judge determined this mandate was not in keeping with the law, nor did the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) justify the need for this mandate while extending it.

The country collectively responded with happiness over the end of the mandate. Airline workers, along with travelers, were pleased not to be forced into masks for hours on end any longer.

Airline companies, Amtrak, Lyft, Uber, and airports across the United States ended their mask requirements as well, leaving masking up to the discretion of each person.

The White House and CDC are not pleased with this. They’ve since announced that the Justice Department is going to launch an appeal in order to bring back mask mandates for travel and public transportation.

In doing this, the CDC has completely destroyed any shred of credibility it might’ve had left, according to PJ Media.

A Poor Strategy From the CDC

In a public statement released by the CDC, the agency explained exactly why it was calling on the Justice Department to appeal Monday’s ruling.

Per the CDC, the drive behind the appeal is all about safeguarding its own “public health authority.” Later, the agency went on to reiterate its “assessment” that a mask mandate for travel and public transportation should remain in place.

In releasing this statement, the CDC confirmed the views of many people who regard them as government bureaucrats seeking to control the masses, rather than a serious public health organization.

Trying to bring back the mask mandate for the sake of the CDC’s own authority is the embodiment of control. It’s not about public health at all, especially when people are able to go maskless in environments with air that’s far less clean than air on planes.

A Bad Move From the Justice Department

There is a very real possibility that the Justice Department could lose its appeal to bring back mask mandates. As many people have pointed out, you really can’t unring the bell.
Meanwhile, the CEO of United Airlines came out on Thursday and said the return of mask mandates on airplanes isn’t at all likely.

Despite the outrage from the CDC and the Biden administration, Americans have moved on from mandatory masking. Individuals who choose to wear masks on their own can do so, but the days of government overlords imposing mask mandates on the general public may be over.