The Disgraceful Withdrawal Of President Joe Biden

It was indeed a grave mistake to have the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan. The 20th anniversary of the 911 assault will occur next month, and Biden has withdrawn forces, reverting Afghanistan to the Taliban’s control. They appear to have forgotten the purpose of this war.

The Taliban in Afghanistan harbored Al-Qaeda, the Islamist terrorists responsible for the attack on the world trade center on September 11th. The US sent in military troops to avenge the death of the employees at the world trade center and crush the hub of terrorist organizations. They destroyed the Taliban military bases, crippled their connections, and prevented the formation f a radical Islamist terrorist base in the region. For years now, they have managed to keep Afghanistan protected, bringing the country towards modernity, allowing the children to go to school, providing avenues for women to become an active part of society.

Amid war, the US spent trillions of dollars in the country’s reconstruction and to create acceptance for democracy amongst people who have never been introduced to individualism. They strengthened their forces and provided them with necessary military equipment to fight the Taliban. But what has become of their efforts now is a sad turn of events. As soon as the US military started evacuating, the Taliban began their occupation. The Afghan forces referred to by Biden as strong enough to take on Taliban’s but not enough to handle a country. Both were proven wrong as the Afghan troops fell back with just the first strike of the Taliban’s and the civil society and the government collapsed. This fall has endangered the lives of the Americans stuck in Afghanistan as bloodthirsty Taliban roam Kabul’s streets.

By abandoning Afghanistan, the US has left a critical opportunity for the terrorists to form their base to train and form jihadists and plan to claim a global caliphate. As the situation prevails, the Taliban may get another opportunity to launch attacks against the US, calling for another invasion.