The FBI Is More Focused On Political Vendettas Than Child Sex Crimes

Within the past several weeks, the FBI has consistently proven itself to be biased and not at all credible in the eyes of many Americans.

After the August raid of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, the FBI remained tight-lipped about the probable cause that gave them the right to conduct this raid. Meanwhile, the Justice Department fought tooth and nail against having a special master review the documents confiscated by the FBI.

Unfortunately, new developments about the FBI have been revealed and they’re not good. This time, these reports deal with the FBI putting child sex crimes on the back-burner to hone in on political investigations.

A Disgraceful New Low for the FBI
According to multiple FBI whistleblowers, child sex crime cases are being bumped down so that agents can focus their energies on investigating so-called right-wing extremism.

Not only that, but whistleblowers also informed congressional GOP members of the FBI purposefully exaggerating politically-motivated threats and violence.

Right now, leaders of the FBI, rather than agents as a collective, are being cited as the ones pushing for petty politics to be prioritized ahead of legitimate threats against children.

Likewise, as the FBI relentlessly directs its attention on the events of January 6, 2021, crucial responsibilities that the agency should handle are being sacrificed.

Upon hearing this news from whistleblowers, House Republicans have expressed alarm and demanded from the FBI specific details about the current work and operations of the agency.

Biden’s New Gestapo
After the raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, Republicans warned the FBI was now corrupt and simply being used by the Biden administration to go after its political opponents.

Surely enough, former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell each came under fire from the FBI not long afterward.

News of the FBI putting January 6 above all else, overblowing the severity of violent political extremism, and refusing to aggressively go after child sex crimes is disturbing.

This also raises questions about why the FBI is still around if it’s not willing to do its job and is instead just unofficially working to further Democratic agendas.

All things considered, it’s now vital for every American to know what the FBI is up to and how this will impact the nation as a whole.