The Governor Of Maine Is Openly Opposed To Voter ID

Across the country, election security is under attack. Democrats from the Biden administration on down regularly insist that even the most basic measures to safeguard elections are about suppressing lawful votes.

When states like Georgia passed election integrity laws, they were viciously attacked by Democrats. Democrats rushed to call these laws Jim Crow measures without even having read them first.

On top of that, Democrats at the national level have pushed for legislation that would federalize nearly all political races. In doing so, this would rob states of their constitutional rights to run their own elections.

Across the United States, one of the most basic election security measures is the requirement for people voting to show ID that proves their identity. However, Democrats like Maine Gov. Janet Mills (D) are now coming out against this.

Mills on Voter ID in the United States
During a gubernatorial debate this past Tuesday, the Maine governor was questioned about why she’s not in favor of voter ID rules.

Mills responded to this line of questioning by claiming voter ID isn’t necessary for Maine. According to the Democratic governor, her state has “integrity” and a “huge turnout” in its political races, which she views as in keeping with democracy.

This was only the beginning of Mills’ attacks on voter ID, however. The Maine governor said that voter ID rules are somehow a hindrance to people voting and create unnecessary additions of paperwork.

Amid her claims that voter ID prevents higher voter turnout, Mills didn’t present a shred of evidence to substantiate this claim.

The Truth About Voter ID
Polling has consistently shown that voter ID is widely supported across the United States. Voter ID isn’t about stopping people from participating in elections, but rather it’s about ensuring that folks who engage in elections are doing so legally.

Without voter ID, people could vote multiple times in a row, cast ballots for other people, and otherwise cheat in elections. This, ironically, poses the threat to democracy that Democrats claim they want to protect the nation from.

ID is mandatory in order for Americans to open bank accounts, ride on planes, or even purchase a lottery ticket. The least that can happen to maintain election security is ensuring that everyone shows ID before casting a ballot.