The Hamptons Are Dealing With a Serial Invader

In the United States today, the rise of criminal activity stands as a very serious problem. More people are feeling emboldened to engage in offenses such as assault, robbery, homicide, and property damage.

For a while, crime of this nature was viewed as something that only happened in poor communities or inner cities. However, this is not as accurate as people think. Many upper-scale and wealthier communities are dealing with their fair share of crime too.

Months ago, when smash-and-grab robberies made the news, high-end stores were not immune by any means.

Now, as it turns out, the Hamptons is faced with a woman who keeps breaking into multi-million-dollar estates.

A Serious Problem in the Hamptons
32-year-old Peace Ofoego made a name for herself amid invading various residences.

Authorities have arrested the transient woman on multiple occasions. Police even helped her find a homeless shelter. Yet, in little time, Ofoego was back to trespassing, along with breaking and entering.

This has become so habitual for Ofoego that she’s being referred to online as the “Goldilocks of the Hamptons.” During run-ins with police officers, the woman claimed to have fled an abusive husband and remained adamant about getting back custody of her children.

Ofoego has been seen not just in the residences of Hamptons homeowners, but also on the beach and near a marina.

In a statement of her own, the 32-year-old said she wishes strangers would show her compassion. Yet, according to her, no one seems to ultimately care what she’s dealing with.

Homeowners in the Hamptons who’ve been affected by Oboego have some thoughts of their own as well. They warn that what she’s doing is not OK. Some have questioned whether she’s truly looking for a hand up or just wants to continue as she has been thus far.

A Danger to All Involved
Despite what Ofoego may believe, the repeated breaking and entering into Hamptons residences poses a danger to both herself and the homeowners.

Furthermore, it speaks to the gravity of homelessness in America, especially in blue states. Despite the Hamptons being a very high-end, wealthy area, it’s still part of New York. This is one state that’s dealing with major crime problems that have no clear end in sight.

At this time, whether or not Ofoego has any friends or relatives who could help her find living accommodations remains undetermined.