The Justice Department Intentionally Blocked Record Releases Approved By Trump

During former President Trump’s time in politics, he repeatedly spoke about the swamp and the deep state. Trump warned that both of these entities are made of individuals and special interest groups that are knee-deep in corruption.

Left-wingers and never-Trumpers laughed this off and said it wasn’t real. They even claimed that people who truly believed the former president on these issues were just conspiracy theorists.

However, one of the greatest and famously debunked conspiracies turned out to be left-wing claims that Trump colluded with the Russian government in order to win the 2016 presidential election.

Before Trump left the White House in January 2021, he approved the public release of records to shine a light on FBI misconduct during investigations into Russian collusion.

Coincidentally, the Department of Justice pulled some strings to ensure these records never made it to public consumption.

The Deep State Unmasked
To prevent the public from getting to know about FBI misconduct (and much more) amid the probe into Russian collision claims, the Justice Department invoked privacy concerns and held off on releases ordered by Trump.

Naturally, Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for today’s Biden-led Justice Department to release these records either.

Had Trump’s declassification gone through without sabotage, Americans would have learned about direct statements from his aides and various debriefings associated with the probe of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Even the FISA warrant that led to unlawful surveillance of the Trump 2016 campaign would have been exposed in these records.

These records also would have revealed to the public how the FBI delivered deceptive accounts to both Congress and a federal court in order to proceed with the Russian collision probe.

No Word From the Swamp?
Both the FBI and the Justice Department have declined to openly comment about the sabotage of record releases that Trump intended for the public to review.

However, a spokesperson for Trump, Liz Harrington, is weighing in on the actions of these agencies. Harrington argues that both the FBI and the Justice Department worked tirelessly to malign the former president.

Harrington also warned the deep state will pull out all stops to conceal its corruption. This came before she demanded full transparency regarding the records Trump approved for public consumption.