The Left is Going to Hate This Newest Poll

Polls have been going from bad to worse for the Democrat Party.

As it turns out, most Americans don’t appreciate having to drain their bank accounts in order to purchase gas. Inflation, crime, higher interest rates, etc., also aren’t so popular amongst the American public.

Rather than Democrats actually changing what they’re doing, they’re simply digging their heels in further and hoping it sticks. This certainly isn’t the course of action that’s doing them any favors.

Now, another poll is out and it indicates just how poorly Democrats are doing these days, according to Red State.

Horrific News for the Democrat Party

In a recent Marquette University Law School poll, it’s come out that Democrats have seriously lost support from minorities across the United States.

Among Hispanic Americans, Biden’s approval ratings have dropped 5%, from 56% to 51% since July 2021 to present day. With white Americans, Biden fell from 50% support to 40% support.

In the same timeframe, the president managed to earn a 32% drop in support from black Americans. Biden’s 88% approval with black Americans has now fallen to 56%.

Pollsters are describing the massive fall in black support for Biden as bad news for Democrats. Losing 32% of black support also doesn’t bode well for Democrats with midterm elections coming up in November.

The new poll from Marquette University Law School fits into a pattern of lower and lower approval ratings for Democrats. Yet, as all this plays out, the president is sticking by this narrative that America is “back” and thriving under his leadership.

Unfortunately, interest rates, gas prices, and inflation tell a very different story.

No Coming Back from This?

At this point, it’s not a stretch to say the Democrats may have reached the point of no return regarding a loss of support from the general public.

No matter how the White House tries to smooth things over, Americans can feel the impacts of destructive policies every single day. Biden also can’t blame the Russian president for these issues, either. Inflation and expensive gas prices were set in motion by Biden last year, long before the war in Europe.

Altogether, the Democrat Party has failed the country. Democrats failed to “restore the soul of America” or even just prevent the country from facing one disaster after the next. Likewise, Democrats are on the hook for failing to listen to Americans who voice dissatisfaction with the current leadership.

When Republicans take back the Senate and the House in November, Biden and the Democrats will only be able to blame themselves.