The Left-wing Press is Not Being Honest About the Current Recession

The United States has been moving towards a recession for quite some time.

Prices have been on the rise consistently, spanning over the course of one year. This has been driven by not just federal spending, but also policies that work against fossil fuels and energy production.

The Biden administration has been repeatedly urged to stop spending and begin reinstating policies that facilitate domestic energy independence. Naturally, the White House is refusing to do this, while also downplaying economic problems.

Weeks ago, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the US economy is the strongest it’s been in history. Now, the White House is also claiming that two consecutive falls in the GDP rate don’t indicate a recession.

Left-wing media outlets are now backing this claim which is simply not true.

The Problem With the Latest “Recession” Talking Points
It has been established that when the GDP falls for two quarters in a row, this means the economy has entered into a recession.

Yet, since the economy hit this marker under the Biden administration, the media joined the White House in claiming the GDP rate isn’t enough to determine whether a recession has arrived.

Left-wing outlets are now saying that it’s unclear whether or not the United States is in a recession. Meanwhile, fact-checker PolitiFact actually argued that the White House is not trying to change the definition of a recession.

Wikipedia has also joined in to defend the Biden White House. The site actually modified the definition of a recession and then locked the page to avoid any other changes being made.

The Irony of the Recession Debate
The same media that is backing the Biden administration’s claims about what a recession is has also railed against “misinformation.”

The new narrative about what constitutes a recession comes as Americans are living with the results of a collapsing economy. Ironically, the nation was warned for quite some time that a recession was imminent.

When the Federal Reserve began moving up interest rates to cool down inflation, multiple economists said this could have the opposite effect and create a recession. Unfortunately, the rise of inflation and the consistent GDP rate declines have proven economists were correct.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve has made no indication that it’s finished with increasing interest rates nationwide.