The Mexican President Just Embarrassed Joe Biden

For over a year, gas prices have been far too high throughout America. Joe Biden’s been aware of this. However, he’s always assigned blame elsewhere.

For a while, the president maintained that high gas costs were a result of Russian President Vladimir Putin beginning the war in Ukraine. Biden didn’t explain how this squares with the war in Ukraine beginning well after American gas prices started climbing.

Lately, however, Biden found a new scapegoat for the current costs of gas. This time, he’s blaming Republicans. Just a few days ago, Biden tweeted that the GOP is obstructing Democrats’ efforts to lower gas prices and other consumer costs.

Meanwhile, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has not hesitated to speak about his thoughts on America’s gas prices.

Lopez Obrador on US Gas Prices
On Tuesday, the president of Mexico met with Biden and Vice President Harris. During this time, he didn’t hesitate to weigh in on US immigration policy.

According to Lopez Obrador, Mexico’s been having to essentially bail out America with oil exports, due to current gas prices in our country. On top of this, the Mexican president spoke about how he’s allowing US citizens to come into Mexico just to buy cheaper gas than they’d get in the states.

That’s not all, though. Lopez Obrador also made it clear he’s not too fond of how Biden’s managing the southern border. According to the Mexican president, Biden should open the border up even further and permit entry to migrants from Central America.

All in all, Lopez Obrador’s rhetoric and tone with Biden made it very clear he believes he knows better than America regarding acceptable policies.

The Resolution
By the time Biden and Lopez Obrador finished their meeting, both parties agreed upon the use of “smart technologies” to help supervise the border. The two presidents also expressed an interest in working together for the sake of both countries.

During Lopez Obrador essentially finger-wagging the United States on gas prices and the management of the southern border, Biden didn’t push back in an assertive fashion whatsoever. This was criticized online by non-supporters of the president.

The meeting between Biden and Lopez Obrador follows previous tension between the two world leaders. During the June 2022 Summit of the Americas conference, the Mexican president refused to attend because Biden didn’t extend invitations to Nicaragua, Cuba, and Venezuela.