The Morning Briefing: Hang On Kids – Joementum Is Back

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Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders may have been raising all the money and getting all of the headlines recently, but it’s Joe Biden who is still driving this clown car of a Democratic primary.

Despite a surge by Elizabeth Warren in Iowa and New Hampshire, a new national poll conducted by CNN shows former Vice President Joe Biden widening his lead over Warren and Bernie Sanders to 15 points.

The poll shows Biden with 34 percent support while Warren and Sanders get 19 and 16 percent support respectively. The rest of the field is in single digits.

The Democrats are now caught in the electability trap that often plagues the party that is trying to win back the White House. It’s the same plague that saddled the GOP with the monumental losers John McCain and Mitt Romney.

That’s the thing about electability — it’s the safe girlfriend that sounds sensible during the primary courtship, but it’s not sexy enough to excite voters and turn their heads during the general election.

Yeah, it never really works out like it’s supposed to. After 2016, however, who knows?

The electability pitch is probably easier to make to Democrats this cycle than at any time before. They are desperate to win back midwestern voters that they were shocked to have lost in 2016. Fauxcahontas and Bernie can pull in millions of votes on the coasts, but Full Commie Fever is still a hard sell to Tom and Lois in Ohio.

Biden’s — to borrow a word from the libs — sustainability to this point is setting up an interesting battle on the left side of things.

The Dems and their media mouthpieces like to be in sync during a presidential election. The media has obviously been leaning Lizzie’s way for a couple of months now. Media coverage for her has been favorable but the Biden stories could get a lot tougher going forward.

Biden and his team, meanwhile, continue to be bumbling idiots. They’ve spent thousands of dollars on anti-plagiarism software because, as the New York Post said, “Joe Biden has apparently never heard of Google.”

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