The Morning Briefing: The Odds On Biden Ever Getting Anything Right Are Horrible

Citizens trust in the Constitution and the United States’ individuals who are not communist idiots remains high. On the other hand, Biden is a genuine pessimist when it comes to hope. Bryan, Vodka Pundit, and Stephen Kruiser held a live conversation on VIP Gold on Thursday night following a lengthy debate on the several ways in which Joe Biden and his managers bungled the decision-making process around the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In addition, Americans are confident that they will be acceptable despite the apocalyptic days ahead. Just not anytime soon. Nothing else in the foreseeable future indicates that this government would ever accomplish anything correctly. In his latest video, Bryan deconstructs the decision to abandon Bagram Air Base and place faith in the Afghan embassy. As Matt reported yesterday, this was the second domino to fall following Biden’s initial brain-dead plan. Rep. Byron Donalds blasted Joe Biden for having a “photo moment on September 11” on Fox News Radio’s Fox across America on Friday.

Moreover, Joe Biden claimed in mid-April that all American soldiers would be withdrawn from Afghanistan before the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. Senator Chuck Schumer expressed approval of the revised schedule. Schumer stated that a well-considered strategy with a timetable is energizing. In February 2020, the Trump administration and the Taliban agreed to halt attacks on American forces, deny terrorists safe refuge, and collaborate with Afghan authorities to create a new government. The US would ultimately withdraw as long as the Taliban satisfied these requirements. Even with a tiny military presence of only 2,500 US forces, the smallest since military operations began in 2001, the plan received unanimous approval from the UN Security Council that resulted in exceptional stability. According to former Vice President Pence earlier this month, the Taliban were aware that “the repercussions for violating the deal would be swift as well as harsh.”

The slam on the photo-op is legitimate. However, there is more to it. Team Biden is reversing every move done by Trump throughout his term. No judgment on whether Trump’s policies were beneficial to the country. However, Democrats, for instance, are pursuing a strategy of “reversing.” If Trump has accomplished anything positive for the United States, it must be reversed. As already demonstrated, these buffoons violate all of Trump’s foreign policy commitments.

This administration has undermined America’s international reputation. In less than a year. Joe Biden doesn’t care about his legacy. Other special interests are pulling the alleged president’s in addition to Doctor Jill (who is pretending to be the mother). They’re all motivated by vengeance. This government has not considered the general good. Toss in that none of them appear to be very competent at what they do, and Americans also have a monster poised to devour their freedom.