“The Pain is the Point” According to the Biden Administration

The United States is just entering a time when necessary resources and food are going to slowly dissipate. The problem is, President Joe Biden doesn’t actually care. You can tell that he doesn’t by the way he speaks about it and his inability to act. The same goes for his entire administration.

During a press conference, the Biden administration said, “The circumstances in global oil markets… provide the clearest possible signal why the United States needs to do everything it can… to reduce and eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels.”

Renewable energy isn’t a flip of a switch. Though important, time and circumstances have to dictate when renewable energy is the only, or main, source of energy. The entire world relies on oil and natural gas and if that weren’t the case, why did Biden waive sanctions on Nord Stream 2 for Russia if renewable energy was the top priority?

The only reason it makes sense right now is because Biden has lost control. The conflict in Ukraine has proven too much for Biden and his administration to handle and they don’t have any other options.

Katie Pavlich shared a Town Hall article on Twitter and said, “The pain is the point” in response to the Biden administration’s comments.

Given that oil and natural gas are necessary, shouldn’t it be drilled in the United States? If we’re all talking about the environment, the federal regulations would be far better for the environment.

Hunter Hunt, Chief Executive of Hunt Consolidated in Dallas, Texas said, “If you really care about ESG, compare the United States to other jurisdictions. We will have a higher commitment to the environment, a higher commitment to safety, and I think you will see a stronger understanding of all social concerns here in the US than you would see in Iran or Venezuela or other countries that potentially could fill the gap left by Russian barrels.”

The Biden administration can’t run from these issues anymore no matter how hard they try. They have to have reasonable solutions to the problems we’re facing and with the way things are going, there’s going to be a red wave come the mid-term.