The Phony Nature Of The Anti-Trump Dossier Continues To Be Exposed

From the moment former President Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president and came down the escalator of Trump Tower, Democrats were terrified of him.

During the 2016 presidential election, the left pulled out all stops. This involved not just smearing then-candidate Trump in the press, but also illegally spying on his campaign. Leftists screamed there was no way Trump would win and that Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in.

Then, after Trump won the election, Democrats tried everything within their power to discredit and undermine his victory. The left even called Trump an illegitimate president. Though if anyone today says that about Joe Biden, they’re immediately called a “danger to democracy.”

One of the most serious moves Democrats made against Trump during the 2016 election, and even after he won this race, was promoting a phony dossier that was supposed to prove he colluded with the Russian government.

Now, new information about that dossier shows Democrats were way in over their heads from the jump.

Fiction, Not Fact
Christopher Steele, a British spy, came up with a dossier that supposedly showed Trump was in deep with the Russians, later claiming that they rigged the 2016 presidential election in his favor.

Though it turns out that Russian analyst Igor Danchenko, the source behind the dossier, wasn’t providing any sort of fact-based information. Instead, everything within the dossier amounted to speculations and theories.

Yet, somehow, the FBI treated this dossier from Steele as gospel, using it to dig into officials working for the Trump campaign.

Now that Danchenko is on trial for lying to the FBI, at least one official with the agency says the Russian analyst never expected the information he provided to be treated as factual.

Financial Motives to Take Trump Down
Despite the legal issues facing Danchenko, the FBI is far from squeaky clean. The dossier was always built on a house of cards. However, this didn’t stop the FBI from offering Steele $1 million to confirm what it desperately wanted to be accurate.

If there’s one thing proven by the Danchenko/Steele/FBI fiasco involving this dossier, it’s that the deep state will do anything to target Trump.

Now, it remains to be seen what else the cabal comes up with as the 2024 presidential election gets closer.