The US Army is Likely to Get A Lot Smaller

Joe Biden’s insistence on US service members getting COVID vaccines could very much cost the United States. The tragedy of all this is the vaccines being mandated for the US military do not prevent COVID from spreading, nor do they stop COVID from infecting people.

This means that a fully vaccinated (and boosted) person has the capacity of catching COVID and passing the virus on to others. Nevertheless, the White House is determined to have this shot go into the arms of every single military member.

In the US Army National Guard, there are tens of thousands of service members who have yet to take the COVID vaccine. Currently, the penalties for refusal can very much include dishonorable discharge from the military altogether.

A Serious Threat to National Security
Of the approximate 40,000 Army National Guard members who remain unvaccinated against COVID, about 14,000 have been clear they have no intention of ever taking this vaccine.

Thursday, June 30 is the deadline that service members have to take the vaccine that cannot prevent virus transmission or infection. About 7,000 have tried to receive exemptions from this vaccine mandate; although whether or not this pans out remains to be seen.

For months on end, there have been multiple reports of servicemembers having their exemption requests denied. Some claims say rejections are happening on mass scales, without careful review of each and every request.

At this time, the Army National Guard is currently working to determine whether some of its unvaccinated troops will eventually send in exemption requests or other forms of paperwork that provide insight into their vaccination status.

A Terrible Time to Cut Down the US Military
On the global stage, there is a lot of uncertainty that currently stands. At this moment, the president of Russia continues to make one threat after the other against the West, amid his war with Ukraine.

On top of this, China continues working to outpace the United States, making its hostility to our nation very well known.

Ironically, as Biden upholds a vaccine mandate that will thin out the US military by the thousands, he’s also committed US troops to go to war if Taiwan is invaded by China.

All things considered, the federal government should be moving to strengthen the military, not water it down. The military especially shouldn’t get thinned out over a vaccine that cannot save its recipients from infection or transmission of COVID.