The White House is Melting Down Over New Ownership at Twitter

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk formally purchased Twitter earlier this week, it broke the internet.

Conservatives largely applauded the move, stating that it’s about time Twitter is run by someone who actually respects and appreciates free speech.

Musk has consistently maintained that with Twitter under his belt, the site is going to uphold free speech and steer clear of Orwellian censorship.

Democrats, of course, lost their minds. Some people said they’d delete their Twitter accounts as a means of protesting Musk’s new ownership of the platform.

Other leftists said the new ownership of Twitter constitutes a “danger” to America’s democracy. This has frequently become a line that Democrats use when things aren’t going their way.

Meanwhile, the White House is also having some issues of its own, amid the change in Twitter’s ownership, per Red State.

The Biden Administration’s Reaction to Musk Buying Twitter

When White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked at a media briefing about new ownership at Twitter, her response was interesting, to say the least.

First, Psaki claimed she would not be making remarks about “a specific transaction,” but then she proceeded to do just that.

The White House press secretary mentioned that Biden has concerns about the extent to which “disinformation” and “misinformation” can be spread on social networking sites like Twitter and others.

Later, Psaki confirmed that Biden is very much interested in “reforms” that he thinks will combat the supposed spread of incorrect information.

As many Americans now know, “misinformation” and “disinformation” have turned into buzzwords that Democrats use when they hear a point of view that differs from their own.

The White House isn’t interested in really combating misinformation or disinformation; it just wants the only available information to come from itself and other Democrats.

The Problem With This Stance

In a free country, there are going to be all sorts of ideas, viewpoints, thoughts, etc. floating around, be it on social media or other venues.

America wasn’t founded on the government policing ideas, beliefs, controversies, or other similar things; however, the type of “reforms” that Biden wants to see put through is precisely what exists in communist regimes like China and North Korea.

At the end of the day, this White House and Democrats at large want to restrict speech, limit ideas, and confine information. This is all part of the left-wing agenda to have absolute power over others at all costs.

In the battle of free speech versus censorship, it is imperative for the former to win.