The White House is Now Spreading Misinformation About Baby Formula Shortages

The shortage of baby formula is a nationwide crisis. It’s impacting parents who need this formula to feed their children and babies who are struggling without the nutrition provided by formula.

Contrary to certain rumors spreading around, breastfeeding is not a widespread solution to baby formula shortages. Sometimes, moms aren’t able to produce enough milk to consistently nourish their babies.

In other cases, these infants rely on ingredients and mixtures that come with specific formulas. This, in and of itself, is one key reason why even generic formulas aren’t always enough.

As this crisis rages on, many Americans are looking to the White House for answers. Unfortunately, this administration is guilty of spreading misinformation about the crisis altogether.

Debunking False Talking Points from the Biden Administration
This past Friday, then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed the reasoning behind these shortages in America boils down to Abbott Nutrition formulas being compromised and taking the lives of two babies.

This is not correct. Naturally, Abbott Nutrition didn’t hesitate to correct the White House via Twitter. The company explained after multiple investigations and reviews on their end and from the CDC and FDA, it was not found that their products contained materials harmful to infants.

Likewise, no harmful products or particles were found at the Sturgis manufacturing plant. After making this note, Abbott Nutrition pointed out another critical fact.

When testing was done at the homes of the babies who became ill, toxic strains were found in distilled water used to mix the formula, not the formula itself.

Separate and open product containers located in the homes of the babies were also discovered to have toxins which led to sickness.

Abbott Nutrition then wrapped this up by again reiterating that its company’s formulas are not what led to the tragic infections and deaths of these babies.

When Will This All Be Over?
During a crisis such as this, the last thing any American needs is a White House putting out statements that are simply not correct. Psaki has also come under fire since telling parents who are out of baby formula to call their pediatricians or doctors.

According to Abbott Nutrition, pending FDA approval, the company could have its manufacturing site up and running again within a two-week timeframe. However, mass-scale distribution of baby formula could take anywhere from six weeks to eight weeks.

Given that Abbott Nutrition is not at fault for the sickness or deaths of infants, many people are wondering why the FDA is keeping their manufacturing site closed down.