The White House is Once More Extending the Student Loan Payment Deadline

When Joe Biden was running for president, he claimed that he’d deliver the best results across the board. Instead, Biden has depleted multiple industries across the country, delivering little more than economic and energy crises.

One of Biden’s top campaign promises was to absolve people of the student loans they owe to the government. Democrats are expecting Biden to follow through on his promise; they want him to make the student loans they willingly took out vanish into thin air.

Biden hasn’t done this. He also doesn’t have the power to make student loans vanish, regardless of what he said on the 2020 campaign trial. What Biden does have the power to do, though, is issue various holds on student loan payment deadlines.

This is something the president has done on multiple occasions and will do yet again, according to The Blaze.

The Latest Student Loan Payment Delay

Under Biden’s previous moratorium on student loans, the payment period was set to begin again on May 1. Yet, the president’s latest extension is going to push the payment deadline down to August 31.

This newest delay is nothing more than Biden’s attempt to appease his base. Already, multiple progressives have been screaming that the president must do more and meet the needs of the American public by canceling student loan debt.

Biden is also expected to issue yet another extension before August 31, as well. With the midterm elections on the horizon, the president is doing anything he thinks may keep Democrats from losing their seats in the House and the Senate.

Some Americans have argued that Biden’s continuous delays on student loan payments are unfair. There are some people who went to college and paid off their loans on time. Then, there are others who opted not to take out student loans and instead chose a different path.

Many folks with this mindset also argue that no one should expect someone else to pay off their debts for them.

Biden’s Rocky Road with Education Policies

The president’s newest moratorium on student loan payments comes as he and Democrats, in general, are struggling with education reforms.

Back in 2021, Biden’s Justice Department defamed parents as “domestic terrorists” for voicing their education concerns to school board members. This comes on top of the White House spreading vicious lies about Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law.

Ultimately, the Democrat Party needs to take a good hard look at how it’s approaching education in this country.