The White House is Openly Lying About Crack Pipes

Drug addiction is a very real and heartbreaking problem in the United States. Many Americans lose their lives to drugs unnecessarily on an ongoing basis.

Within the past few years, various stories of opioid addictions have made headlines. When former President Trump was in office, his administration worked at length to combat this crisis.

Unfortunately, on the watch of the Biden administration, the drug crisis has worsened. A huge part of this deals with fentanyl coming across the US southern border, along with crack pipes that are apparently funded by the federal government.

Months ago, the White House claimed that smoking kits handed out to various facilities across America would not include crack pipes. However, this has since been proven as a lie.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration is still not being honest with the American public.

The Truth About Government-funded Crack Pipes
Earlier this week, the Washington Free Beacon broke the news that crack pipes were included in the taxpayer-funded “safe smoking kits.” These pipes have been reportedly located in states like Virginia, New York, and Maryland.

Since the news of this broke, the White House has again insisted that crack pipes aren’t part of the smoking kits being distributed by this administration. Ongoing press secretary Jen Psaki even referred to reports of crack pipes as “conspiracies.”

This, too, is a lie. Washington Free Beacon staff writer Patrick Hauf took to Twitter on Thursday morning with direct evidence against the White House’s claim. Hauf mentioned that he went to the various facilities where safe smoking kits are being handed out.

In these kits were needles, crack pipes, and other paraphernalia. Hauf also pointed out that in no way did these smoking kits do anything to bring rehabilitation to addicts.

The Problem With “Safe Smoking Kits”
Many conservatives have pushed back against not just crack pipes being handed to addicts by the government, but also against kits supposedly designed for “safe smoking.”

Smoking, in and of itself, comes with all sorts of risks that are very dangerous. On top of this, there’s an argument that says encouraging addicts to indulge in destructive behaviors doesn’t rehabilitate them. If anything, this is viewed by many Americans as only ensuring that addiction continues to thrive.

Even after Hauf went to facilities with these safe smoking kits and posted the contents of these kits online, the White House is still sticking to its claim that crack pipes aren’t being handed out.