The White House’s War on Energy is Leaving Americans With Dire Problems

During the Trump administration, Americans were able to reap the benefits of US energy production. Pipelines, oil and gas leases, and other pro-energy policies brought about many benefits for the United States.

With these policies reversed by the current administration, Americans are now suffering the consequences. When Trump exited the White House, the average price of gas per gallon in the country was just $2.41.

In Biden’s America, gas stations are readying themselves to charge at least $10.00 per gallon for gas. At the same time, the president refuses to reinstate the Keystone XL pipeline, but keeps blocking oil and gas leases.

This past Thursday, the impacts of the Biden administration’s oil and gas policies took place during a congressional hearing.

A Tense Exchange of Words
Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) ended up butting heads with Interior Secretary Deb Haaland. The issue in question dealt with how the Biden administration is approaching oil and gas leases.

Manchin ended up telling Haaland that from the looks of things, the Biden administration is planning to shut down America’s energy sector. The interior secretary reacted to this by dodging the question and making note of her presence during the hearing.

Manchin quickly became exasperated with this, holding up paperwork that further confirmed his argument of the energy sector being shut down by the Biden administration.

This comes against the backdrop of Biden canceling oil and gas leases that would have taken place in both Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. Conservatives have not been pleased about this at all, especially considering the current trajectory that gas prices are on.

The True Force Behind Biden’s Anti-Energy Crusade
Joe Biden is far from the first president to demonstrate antagonism towards America’s energy industry. Former President Obama did the same as well.

As Biden continues targeting oil and gas leases and other parts of domestic energy, some folks are weighing in with their views. There’s a common perception that Biden is ultimately doing the dirty work that his former boss wanted done all along.

Since Manchin’s back-and-forth with Haaland, the Biden administration has been raked across the coals online.

Folks are accusing the White House of doing nothing as $10.00 per gallon gas prices loom around the corner. Other Americans mentioned that as long as Biden cracks down on oil drilling, gas prices will continue to go up.

The White House has claimed it’s concerned about where the prices of gas stand today. However, the problem still remains persistent after months on end.