There is a Real Problem with Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee

When Joe Biden was running for president back in 2020, he made a commitment to nominate a black woman to serve on the Supreme Court, should a vacancy on the court emerge.

When Justice Breyer announced his choice to retire later in the year, a vacancy that needed to be filled materialized. This is where the president decided that Ketanji Jackson would be a good fit.

Throughout the process of Jackson going through Senate confirmation hearings, there have been several problems with her. One of the worst of all is her record of going easy on people who commit heinous crimes against children.

Then, there’s the issue of Jackson claiming that she couldn’t provide a definition for the word “woman.” Many Americans stated this is ironic, since Jackson’s gender is a major reason why Biden nominated her to serve on the Supreme Court.

Nevertheless, a new problem with Jackson has come forward. According to Red State, Jackson is admittedly unsure about whether or not individuals have natural rights.

Another Reason Why Jackson Should Not Be Confirmed

Jackson’s history of giving lenient sentences to people who commit crimes against children is grounds enough for Congress not to confirm her. Nevertheless, Jackson’s written response to a question about natural rights is yet another red flag.

In one of the written questions, Biden’s nominee stated that she doesn’t have any position on whether or not people possess natural rights. Quite frankly, this is a chilling response from someone who could sit on the Supreme Court and make choices that impact the nation.

Meanwhile, the reference to “inalienable rights” in the Declaration of Independence has apparently still not swayed Jackson that individuals do possess natural rights. If there was ever another reason why the Senate should refuse to confirm Jackson, this is certainly it.

Continuous Problems with Biden’s Nominees

Ketanji Jackson is not an outlier when it comes to the president selecting problematic nominees to serve in various influential government positions.

Last year, Biden nominated Saule Omarova to serve as Comptroller of the Currency. Even when Omarova’s record of opposing private banking and supporting the bankruptcy of oil and gas companies became public, the White House still stood by her.

Thankfully, Omarova never received the necessary votes for confirmation to serve.

In the end, Biden’s nominees are largely a reflection of himself. When his nominees aren’t looking to erode private banking or destroy oil and gas companies, they’re claiming they can’t define the word “woman” or affirm whether people have natural rights.

If there’s one thing that’s clearer than ever, it’s Biden’s lack of fitness to serve, let alone select the appropriate nominees for government service.