TN Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Ban Vaccine Mandates And Passports

Joe Biden’s America is in full tilt against his unconstitutional vaccine mandate. The new rules the administration is trying to effect would require as many as 100 million Americans to submit to an invasive, elective medical procedure. But among the many government officials and private organizations, and individuals pulling rank over this rogue White House, one TN lawmaker is advancing a bill to ban vaccine passports in Tennessee.

Tennessee General Assembly House District 1 representative, Diana Harshbarger, is outspoken of President Biden’s vaccine mandates and notes that she’s not the only one in a recent interview with a local news affiliate, saying, “And we’ve seen now that a lot of governors are talking to their attorney generals, and are going to file lawsuits against that.”

Those governors include Arizona’s governor, Doug Ducey, who said in no uncertain terms, “The vaccine is and should be a choice.” And South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who warned Biden, “This gross example of federal intrusion will not stand.” As well as Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, who said Joe Biden’s “outrageous, overreaching mandates will no doubt be challenged in the courts.”

Harshbarger’s governor, Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee, is also holding the line against vaccine mandates in the country of Washington, Madison, Jefferson, and Franklin. Lee said, “The Constitution won’t allow this power grab, and in the meantime, I will stand up for all Tennesseans.” He also took issue with Joe Biden’s telling un-American verbiage, “This is not about freedom’ is a phrase that should never come out of a U.S. President’s mouth.”

Harshbarger isn’t even against the coronavirus vaccine. She’s not an anti-vaxxer. She doesn’t doubt medical science or even big pharmaceutical companies. She suspects federal regulators like the Food and Drug Administration, which has been dragging its feet on approving a bevy of treatments and drugs across the board for decades.

The Tennessee state congresswoman says, “You know, I have been vaccinated. I tell everybody to do it. They didn’t cut corners, and they cut red tape. And for goodness sake, protect yourself.” The issue for her isn’t the vaccine. It’s the mandate. Harshbarger won’t bend on that. She says, “But nobody should ever be told. That’s why I put legislation out that it’s a no-vaccine passport. You should not be forced to do something against your will.”

The only other options workers have if they don’t want to take the vaccine under the White House’s intolerable edict are to submit to elective medical testing and disclose their private medical records to their employer to verify they have tested Covid negative or face disciplinary action from their employer, threatening their job prospects and their livelihoods.

The Joe Biden administration tries to force people out onto the streets and starve them if they don’t actively do something the government wants them to do. At no time until the present in American history has one-half the mainstream been so open to the idea of compelling Americans to do something actively.

Until recently, the American conception of government existed only to prevent people in its jurisdiction from actively doing anything that violates the rights of others living around them. That is the fundamental premise of English common law jurisprudence and American constitutional republicanism. Obama chipped at that foundation with the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act. And now, true to strategy, Joe Biden is taking a hammer to the weak spot in the medical industry, which has been heavily government-regulated for decades.

That’s where the totalitarian takeover of America is aiming for individual liberty. But this country will stand.