Trade Principles Proven Effective Under President Trump May Help Offset Biden’s Disastrous “Infrastructure” Bill

The onset of the Biden administration is serving as a grim reminder that “green energy” isn’t green, doesn’t produce much energy, and is extremely expensive.

2021 is also serving as a reminder that green energy is only “viable” as a function of the federal government’s tax-and-print-and-spend way of doing business. While the private market can develop new technology that consumers need, the government only produces things that benefit those connected to the funnel of taxpayer funds.

While wind, solar, and electric vehicles can only survive with a steady inflow of government cash, actual energy sources like oil, gas, coal, and nuclear operate at a profit and satisfy customer needs despite the federal government, not because of it.

We need only consider Joe Biden’s “infrastructure” bill to see how profoundly stupid government energy policy has become. It is full of climate policy initiatives that bring actual energy production to a halt in many cases and waste billions and billions of dollars on green energy schemes designed to benefit cronies and not consumers.

American trade policy has led to other countries harming American consumers by allowing foreign tariffs on our exports and subsidizing foreign products imported to our country. Similarly, American climate change policy has artificially increased domestic energy costs, even as other countries have continued producing in more efficient ways. Our energy policy becomes in effect just another subsidy for foreign goods flooding our market.

President Trump understood that the U.S. economy needed less regulation, lower taxes, and an even playing field with other countries in international trade. He made great strides in each of these areas, and especially in trade.

A series of targeted tariffs and replacing NAFTA with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) helped incentivize other nations worldwide to trade more fairly with America.

Even as Biden proposes massive new subsidies for inefficient green energy, some Democrats show that they remember how well President Trump’s trade policies work alongside measures to improve the environment. Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) and Rep. Scott Peters (D-CA) announced this week the introduction of a new tax on imports for nations that fail to meet U.S. emissions standards.

Sen. Coons said that we must “ensure that U.S. workers and manufacturers aren’t left behind” concerning the plan that would impact imports of petroleum and coal as well as many capital goods.

Even if they do not realize that they are doing so, Democrats use Trump trade policies to mitigate the immeasurable damage Biden’s energy plan will do to American producers and consumers.